New blog - new journey

It was a matter of time when I will start my new blog. This time with new brand, completely different backend and with different language. I hope I will persist a little bit longer than last time, but I make no promises here.

The name

I thought that having something different than Fiołek as a name of blog will be cool. I struggled for a long time to find appropriate name, but failed. Then, when reading about F-Algebras, the name came in a flash. So what does the “Coding Infinity” actually mean? Oxford Dictionary states, that infinity is:

A point in space or time that is or seems infinitely distant.

And coding is just a synonym for programming, which is defined as

The process of writing computer programs.

Setting maths and logic aside, my definition of coding infinity is

The process of writing computer programs that change a point in space or time that is infinitely distant.

Or in other words - creating impossible. ;)

Old blog

The old blog still lives (UPDATE 2020-05-03: nope, not anymore :) ), but the oldest one is currently unavailable (if I find time to do it, it will be available at something like ).