FAKE your way to ASP.NET Core on Azure WebApps, part 3 - The Solution, Again

Deploying sites to Azure should be relatively easy. And it is, provided that you deploy from Visual Studio (and this is wrong on so many levels...). But if you want to automate things, well... You're in a bad position.

I've tried to develop a solution last time. It works, but not always. I've finally got around to improve it and force it to work more frequently, but this time I am not going to say that it will be flawless or will ever be.

FAKE your way to ASP.NET Core on Azure WebApps, part 1 - The Problem

A year has passed and times have changed, but my love for programming will always be the same... OK, enough. That opening didn't quite work out, right? ;)

Recently, I've been extensively working with .NET Core apps (YES! I can finally ditch Visual Studio!). I'm used to working with technologies that have unstable tooling (Hey! I'm talking to you, @drunkvs!), so it was rather pleasant experience. However, there is one question that I couldn't find an answer to - how to automatically deploy these things into the wild?